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Ranges in Ohio


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South Western Ohio;

Sharonville, near Cincy;
Target World
area map linked to reviews as well
My experience with Target World, is... OK. Theyre always busy, sometimes dont answer the phone, and employees can seem rude. Theyre range fees are $7 per half hour, you can purchase ammo there or take your own. Any load is ok, but no steel shot.

Xenia area, near Dayton;
Spring Valley
This is a PDF of the vicinity
Spring Valley is alright, an outdoor range which allows loads no bigger #6 shot at the unattended range, and buckshot and slugs at the pistol and rifle range. You must have a range permit at the latter. Many folks use the range for skeet shooting.

Please, add to the list!
Clinton County Farmers and Sportsman Association (CCFSA)
301 Batson Rd
Wilmington, OH

Yes, it is a club but the dues are $65/yr (new for this year...was $50 last year).

200, 100 yd rifle ranges, 50, 25 pistol ranges. 2 skeet and 1 5-stand ranges.

Hosts IDPA, 3-gun and assorted rifle/handgun competitions. Open from 9 am till sundown everyday there is not a scheduled event

Archery ranges as well.
There is a new range opening in the Goshen/Loveland area. It's near Milford, Blanchester, Eastgate area a little north and east of greater Cincinnati.

Details are scarce and the website isn't complete but the information available says monthly membership for less than a box of 9mm. I have no idea if there will be outdoor shooting lanes or not. If not or if there isn't anything beyond 100 yards it doesn't help me at all but it can certainly benefit others in the area who need a place local to shoot. Milford gun club is expensive and ridiculous and Wilmington may be too far. This may help.