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Real Lawman !!!!


Borrowed from Sheriff Jim Wilson:
Texas Ranger Manuael T "lone wolf" Gonzalez. That fella put in work read some stories sometimes study up on a real lawman.
5' 9" zero sense of humor, you get warned, no comply ya get shot, simple he cleaned up lots of problems. Quote " I went into a lotta fights alone, and always came out alone."
Hey note the shotty, not your run of the mill police pumper.

Awesome. Browning A-5 semi auto beside him, with a SIDESADDLE no less.

Colt 1911 in the swivel holster. Probably in a Tom Threepersons custom holster.

Notice the police light hanging on the dash below the AM radio. It was hung on the hook to illuminate out thru the windshield back when they didn't have light bars.

Or so I'm told....
I clicked on the picture, which enlarged it some. It appears to me, the shells in the stock saddle appear to be roll crimped slugs.