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Red Dot on a Maverick 88


Copper BB
So I recently acquired a Maverick 88 and want to put a Red Dot on it. I cant seem to find any optics mounting solutions that dont require drilling into the top of the receiver. anyone have any options for this that are actually rigid enough to allow a Red Dot.
I installed a sidesadle/rail combo that wraps over the top if the receiver. Works pretty good.

Mine is similat to this:
Yeah, I was going to mention that one. It is pretty stable since it uses a slightly longer trigger pin that it replaces, and also a longer ejector screw through the side of it.

I have a BSA (I think) brand that does not have the shell holder. It's one of the earliest ones out there.

But, it's still really easy to drill and tap the receiver. It's just 4 little holes in aluminum.
The shell holders are usually screwed on and can be removed ftom the sadle if not wanted.

There is also a mount that mounts between the stock and receiver made by Burris. I think I've seen variations of this with a picitiny rail as well but could not find it in a quick search.


Another option is to buy a smooth bore barrel with a cantilever mount. They are harder to find these days but are still to be found on the used market. I have one that I modified for choke tubes and it makes a nice turkey barrel.

If you have a vent rib B-Square (I think) used to make a mount you could fasten to the rib

You may find an option that clamps to the barrel but those are hard to keep secure.