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Reloading 410 with slugs

410 Luvr

Copper BB
Not new to shooting, but new to reloading. In my travels, I see that small bore shot loads have always been a thing. However slug loads seem to still be relatively new to the market. I.E. lack of slug loading info and supplies. I have some "Thug slugs" coming to reload spent shells, and am sure that they will come with reloading specs, but am still looking for other sources of slug loads, and loading information.

410 Luvr
It's going to be more of a challenge to load slugs for .410 but I imaging it is doable.

Would you consider using these with just a base wad?

Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy the last few days and unable to check the forum.

nitesite has pretty much covered it. .410 and .41 cal are generally interchangeable.

I will also note, any load data that you find for birdshot, will work exactly the same pressures and such for the equivalent weight in a slug.

I'll use 16 ga for example, but a 1 oz slug weighs exactly the same as a 1 ounce load of pellets. The powder doesn't know the difference between the one or the other.

You can buy wads for the 410 bore at ballisticproducts and precision reloading supply. Roll crimper and shot cards and such too.

ballisticproducts even has a small manual you can buy that covers some small bore loads they've fooled with but I've not seen that manual to know whats in it. Only seen the product description on their site.

Hope this helps you in some way.