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Removing Camo from Moss. Turkey Barrel


I was wondering if and how you can remove camo off Mossberg 24 barrel? Got the last one on line ,wanted matte black, thought about changing color. Not necessary but thought about that option.
I would see if anyone here would want to swap you for the one you desire... You could probably chemically remove it but might be left with unprotected metal underneath? I don't know...
It should come in mail wed. , I might like how it looks. It was the last one I could find on line, like the 930 model itself. It is the slugster model,guess thats why it sat for years at gun shop.Shoots sabot very well, ejects light loads no problem.
You could spray it with krylon.

Cerakote. Norrells Moly. Duracoat.

Sand it down to bare metal and have it parkerized (though is often more greyish black than flat black).

Bluing usually is glossy and shiny.

Literally a dozen different choices available to you.
I love it when that happens! I have pistol I could only get in two-tone. Wasn't happy about that, looked into all kinds of coatings for the stainless steel barrel, or replacing the slide, etc. While I was researching, I sort of decided I like the two-tone, and liked the fact ttah it was different from the rest of my line-up.