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Replacement front sight bead

Has anyone replaced their front sight? It looks like mine is glued into the rib on my Bantam, and there are no flats on the bead to be torqued. I took the choke out and the front sight hole doesn't go all the way through the barrel, so I can't confirm from the bottom of the hole either...

Planning on dropping in a Marbles tritium bead, and will probably just go with a 6-48, but if it's already for something, that'd be nice to know too...
Me too. trying to get a slightly higher and larger bead. don't know how it comes out or the thread if there is one.
Any help appreciated.
I found some cross-reference chart somewhere that indicated that it "ought" to be M3x0.5, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered one from Marbles. Should know for sure some time next week...
How would you get the old one out? Mine has no wrench flats.

Curiosity got the better of me... It's threaded and glued. Heat and gentle, but consistent coaxing With a variety of needle nose pliers and wire cutters convinced it to pull up roots and come on out. Ruined the bead mind you, but that was pretty much a forgone conclusion from the beginning.

OD of the sight threads mic' out at 2.89mm. Think it's gonna work! :cool:
Sights showed up today! :) Apparently, though my idea of "First Class" shipping ($3 USPS) and their idea ($15 Fedex) is hugely different though... :(

My gamble paid off...of sorts. The thread pitch matches, but the sight threads are a little oversized for the gun(s). Looks like I'm gonna need a bottom tap to chase all the goop out of the threads in the SA-20. On the other hand, the 459 is sporting tritium tonight! :D

The glow isn't that spectacular, but it's certainly there in the dark, and the big white dot is a massive improvement in the day. Kinda pissed about the jacked up shipping charge, but I'd do it again, I'd just be more clear about my shipping options.
Got my 3mm tap in today and cleaned the threads out on the SA-20.

It looks crooked in the pic, but it really isn't. Calling it a win. :D