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Reverse safety on SA-20 for lefty use


Copper BB
I got my SA-20 and need to swap the safety direction since I'm a lefty.
I looked around and didn't find any info on the process.
I called and talked to Mossberg and was told the safety is not reversible.

I pulled the trigger group apart to install the M-Carbo lighter trigger return spring and pull the safety to have a peek as well.
It appears that it would be quite easy to reverse the safety plunger with a modification to the trigger.
Maybe this will help somebody in the future?

Found the parts at Numrich under an Armsan A612. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/675380
Ordered a trigger to see if I can make this work.

Looks the same to me.

I was able to file the new trigger to have the relief on the left side. I dropped the trigger off at my gun smith to have him fill the right side by brazing.

Reassembled and shot last weekend without issue.
Does the safety still show RED when ready to fire?
And let me extend a big welcome to Mossberg Owners from E TN!

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Good early post! While not a southpaw (although I can box that way ;) ), I AM a SA-20 owner so this is of interest to me. I've also noticed Weatherby's Turkish 20ga offerings "look" very similar and I'd love to get one on my bench to compare...