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RIFLE: Holographic/Red Dot Sight Options

It looks to be a 3 MOA dot at 100 yds. I could do without the red ring around the reticle. It makes the whole sight picture seem too busy.
Any other suggestions you have will be much appreciated.
Your options as far as scopes with rails are a little limited, so if you're not stuck on the top mounted mini red dot you may like this. I run an iTac Defense 3x Prismatic Scope on my midlength with a micro red dot on a Daniel Defense 45 degree mount...

Here's a link to the review on the iTac I posted a while back...

iTac Defense 3x Prismatic Scope

The range-finding reticle on the iTac is VERY clean and crisp compared to even a 1MOA dot. I absolutely love the thing...
I just happen to have a 45 deg. mount like that, not a DD, but a solid mount none the less.
I will mount the Micro red dot I have and use my existing scope and see how it all works. It will all be mounted to my riser mount and I can remove it as a unit as neccasary. Does the red dot and mount interfere with the ejecting brass?
I am still not sold on the TruGlo Mil-Dot scope I have for HD/PD, but I already have it, so I might as well give it a chance.
My Micro red dot is a UAG, which came on another gun I bought. Any experience with that brand? I know it is a lower price point sight, but if it holds a zero and works till I can replace it with something better, then I think I will go that route.
This the one? iTAC Defense CP1? $144 on Ebay. Good price, over half the price of the Burris. How does the reticle work? 100, 200, 400, and 600?


In the first pic, you can see that I mounted the red dot in front of the ejection port. Mounting it too far back could create contact with ejected brass. I don't have any experience with UAG, but I'm all for budget optics. If it works for ya, run it. If it gives you any problems here's a review of one of my favorites. Been running it on my 590 since I posted the review and it's held zero like a champ...

Sightmark Mini Shot Holographic Reflex Sight

Yup, that's the scope and you're correct on the graduated range. You can find it cheaper than $144. Here's a site I've bought from before that's selling it for $129.95...

Pistol Accents: ITAC Prismatic Scope
Is the recoil impulse difference between the 12 gauge and the 5.56 enough to cause problems? I have heard of scopes that can handle one type of recoil impulse and not others. Any experience with that or an old wives tale?
My shoulder sure can tell the difference! :lol:

I've used the Mini Shot on both without issue, but as I recall there have been a few posts in this section of folks mounting red dots on their shotguns that couldn't take it.
Ok, here's a story I was told by my fiend in the Navy.

He was with a support battalion and with a unit that served on special forces bases. He said the operators didn't care for the ACOG cuz (as he said) they wouldn't handle the recoil over time and would begin fallin apart.

I cant confirm this and was in disbelief as he spoke of 5.56 recoil and I'm like, what recoil? But if I understand, (he asked how much I shoot at one time) my firearm never endures nor is ever exposed to the sort of sustained fire an M4 may be subjected to.

I have no clue via my own experiences. The Bushy is still holdin...
Yup, I can believe that the constant rattle of sit'n on top of a select fire M4 would begin to rattle optics apart after a while.
I've heard the same thing from some buddies of mine that are active duty Infantry. Some of the acogs have started falling apart under sustained fire.
I'm looking for a cheap red dot for my Plinkster. It won't get shot nearly as much as it gets carried in a backpack, truck, etc. No doubt it will be banged around far more than impacted by recoil. My max price is around 100.00. Thanks.
Howdy jgas.

I put a UTG 3.9" ITA Red/Green Dot Sight on my wife's .22 rifle. Found mine for around $50. It comes with two different mounts and is a great little optic for the price...

If you're looking for something along the lines of an open-frame MRDS, here's one I reviewed some time ago and it's still running like a champ...

Sightmark Mini Shot Holographic Reflex Sight Review

I posted up a review on this compact 3x a while back as well...

iTac Defense: 3x Prismatic Scope Review

The model above is now sold under the SIG-Tac brand as the model CP1. It's a great option if you're looking for something with a little magnification...
Go for it. They are not that expensive to try. Everything I'm reading for the most part is favorable with these Primary Arms clones so I'm stoked about the one I got coming. Your right. Probably not a bad idea maybe to stick with AA as you can find those anywhere. Sometimes these button cells, 123s, n cells etc... can be a bitch to find if your not near a major urban area and needed it yesterday. I'll have to be diligent to turn the thing off when not using the gun and keep a fresh supply of the 3032 I in my range kit now.

Thats one major advantage all that extra money spent gets you with the real deal. Ridiculous battery life.
image.jpg Here is my set up an EOTECH G33 with An XPS2-0 sight. Great set up and great company. I know some of the management well and they come to this site a lot.
I like Eotech's. A lot of good things can be said about them.

I don't know anything about the magnifiers though. I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a compact magnifier.

@jgwills I was going to pick up the Primary Arms AA sight, but their mount system (lower 1/3) is not what I am looking for. Especially on the gun I planned to put it on. Had they offered just the sight alone (without the permanent mount), I would've got it, but I had planned on putting it on the Lage MKii upper that should be ready within the next month and the less busy the sight picture is on it, the better. Especially when the gun is in full swing.

So, I got a(nother) Bushnell 4 reticle red dot, will be mounting it with an Aimpoint cantilever, between a Troy HK style front and a diamondhead rear sight so I can keep my (true) cowitness.
Love my EXPS2 as well. Optics Planet was running a sale the same time EOTech was running a $60 rebate. Came out to about $420. Their magnifiers must be made out of orphan tears and shark fins though.