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Rules and Regs

I was wondering, is Texas the only state that has hunting regulations down at the county or parish level? Like some counties allow hog hunting on certain months but some allow year round and some limited to archery or muzzleloaders or any legal means. The same with deer and turkey in what you can use to take them.


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No, TX is not alone. We have some town requirements that differ from the state but mostly for deer and then it's to cull the herd. There are different bag limits depending on what county your in but that is designed by the state DNR.


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In MI we have different quotas for tages based on county or management unit. Wel slo have some differing antler restrictions in different part of the state but everything is controlled by the States Dept of Natural Resouces. I do not believe the individual counties can set rules on bag limits or season dates.

Though, one county I know of had a local ordinance against hunting public land on Sunday.