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SA-20 recoil spring


Copper BB
I have a youth SA-20 that the recoil spring broke in. At least I believe that is what it’s called it’s the spring on the outside of the magazine tube. I was curious if any of you all knew where I could get a new one. Mossberg says I have to ship them the gun and I don’t want to do that.


The SA-20 is not the easiest to get parts for. You might measure your spring and see if you can get a common replacement from another gun? Weatherby makes a similar gun but I couldn't tell you how available those parts are.

Somebody else may have more info than I do so give them a couple/few days to reply.

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)


Welcome Bobcat. Might even find a spring at an industrial type supply store. It would not have a proper part number, but if it works...