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Scope Ring Options

I've finally settled on a set up.

I've been trouble shooting mounting and sight in problems in the other thread so this won't be a repeat here.

I'm installing Leupold STD high rings and bases on a Savage model 11, (same action as models 10, 12, 16; the two digit number denotes short action as opposed to a 110 or 111). The bases are reversible, one base is a dove tail and the other has gross windage adjustment and either can be mounted for or aft of the receiver. There are two different screw lengths however, long screws go in the back no matter which base is used.

I have the high rings because I was given a scope with a 50mm objective. That scope is jacked so I ordered a Redfield Revolution, made in the US, 3-9x40 with "accu-range" reticle which serves the purpose of a mil-dot styled scope. There may be more clearance than I need between the objective bell and barrel but I'm also working with clearance issues with the rifles irons. Worst case scenario I put a Triad Tactical stock pack on it to raise the cheek weld. I intend to purchase one eventually anyway.

I don't have pics yet, but I don't have the scope yet either. I'll update soon.
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I forgot to add earlier;

The STD rings and bases recommend a torque of 22-28 inch pounds. I ordered the Warne preset 25 inch pounds torque driver. It's something I had been sweating. This is the first time I've used a scope or rings or anything so I was nervous about screwing everything up. So for now, everything is cool.
I'm digging the Leupold STD rings/2 piece bases. The set I ordered is taller than necessary but I'm happy with the set. I used the dove tail on the rear of the receiver the gross windage adjustable base on the front. It cantilevers back and over the bolt just slightly. I chose to mount the scope the way I did be ause the eye relief was right. If I had needed to push the scope farther forward I could have switched them, they are reversible and are not MOA bases.

I bore sighted the scope to the rifle this morning and used the gross windage adjustment without touching the mechanical zero of the scope. One could argue if the base didn't have windage adjustment it wouldn't be necessary at all. Almost like a solution to a problem that didn't exist until the introduction of a means to fix it. I couldn't say, this is first time I've ever used a real scope and rings.

So, a stock photo and then a pic I took before the rain started. Again.

image.jpg image.jpg
Better pic of the rings and the way the front cantilevers back over the bolt.

I'll say about this ring and base set, I dislike slotted screws. In almost every application actually. I think a socket head screw would have been a far better choice.


@dieselmudder I'll be getting one of the stock packs from Triad eventually to address the comb height. It's not a serious enough issue though that I'm worried about it anytime soon.