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SCOTUS rules against TX defending it's own border


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A snippet from today's Wire from S2 Underground:

"TX: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Biden regime, allowing federal agents to remove razor wire on the U.S. southern border. No opinions were provided with this ruling. AC: All eyes are on Texas as citizens await what could be a serious flashpoint. The idea of state’s rights vs. federal rights is obviously a hot-button issue well seated in our nation’s history. As such, this ruling is probably more serious than one may realize at first, being largely representative of sentiments that have been bubbling for decades (possibly longer)."

SO: No opinions from the high court. This shows to me that SCOTUS is now fully compromised and under the Biden thumb. A rush job.

But...California routinely ignores SCOTUS and other federal court rulings. So does NY and Illinois. I'm hoping that somehow Texas maintains their current path of turning back the hordes of parasites.