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Seeking HELP in Identifying Mossberg 18.5" Bbl'd .308 Bolt Carbine ?

Good Morning Folks, I did attempt to solve this issue myself, without bothering anyone, but it appeared that no matter where I looked, I simply couldn't find anything that even remotely resembled it ? Soooooo, hopefully someone here may have an idea as to what this particular Model is, along with any available reference, etc.

First, the primary problem is that I wasn't able to actually handle the weapon, therefore can't be crews to its Model nomenclature, etc. It was locked within my Brother in Law's Gun Cabinet, & all I could really see were the bottom, & one oblique view. ( He had a ton of fishing gear stored up against it, & said he couldn't move the stuff right then.

So, based upon my minimal observation, along with a few related facts obtained from him, it is as follows; 1st, he said it was obtained circa 1979 +/- & he recalled it was an Mossberg Bolt Action Rifle, [ Carbine in my opinion ] .308 Winchester, apparently with an 18.5" Barrel, & the Barrel appears somewhat thicker than your average hunting rifle of similar caliber. Not quite a 'Bull Bbl', but definitely fatter than the 2 other .30'06 / .308's within the Case. It's also one of the 'Economy' variety, as with light color Birch / Beech Stock, Black plastic Buttplate. The Stock is also without any Floorplate, aka 'Blind Floorplate', etc. The Trigger Guard is all Black plastic, slightly extended in length to perhaps appear to be some form of Floorplate, yet its simply one piece of plastic. And lastly, it either may, or may not have come with Iron Sights, but now is wearing some 'economy' Scope, probably a 4X, but I forgot to ask. He's debating selling them all, so I wouldn't mind grabbing this little .308 Carbine is the price was right, so to speak. Honestly, at first glance I immediately assumed it was one of the 1970's +/- Remington M-788 Carbines, but after a minute of looking it over I knew it couldn't be due to the lack of certain features.

So, if anyone here happens to know anything regarding this unconfirmed Mossberg, I would deeply appreciate hearing from them !! THANK YOU,

Best regards, Dom P.
Welcome Aboard, Dom! :)

I'm sure I speak for many of us here when I say you are going to need to get more info off the rifle, pics etc. Who wants this information? Your BIL or you? If he can't be bothered to move his fishing gear for you to get the info, it is just going to be a guessing game for what outcome? It doesn't sound like he is as eager to sell it to you as you are to buy it... ;)

Report back with more info and pics because there are many members here with knowledge of more than just Mossy firearms and we don't mind talking about other makes and models...
THANKS Guys, I told him up front any assessment I made would only be a guess, as after a bit searching, I have an idea the NHL may have been cut, as I find no Mossy 18" +/- around that particular era. He said he would get back to me, so we'll just wait until he gives me enough to go on. I'm assuming it's an Model 800 variant, post he 800A, yet I find no such animal with an 18" Bbl ? If I was able to actually handle the gun I would probably figured it out right there, but as you know it's a bit tough with a1/2 view !!! I'll be back hopefully soon, stay tuned, & THANKS AGAIN

Best, Dom P.
It shouldn't be that hard for him to give you the model number that is stamped either in the barrel or on the receiver.

Without that, I wouldn't even entertain the idea of giving him an offer for it.

If you for sure had that info, you can research the gun until you were blue in the face, complete with finding comparables for what they are going for on the auction sites to get an idea of what folks are asking for them.

Keep in mind, asking price and selling price are often very far apart. Nothing stopping anyone asking for the moon for something they have. But if you find one with bids in a particular price range, that will tell you if it's getting attention.

Personally, I have never seen a model 800, so I'm not sure what kind of numbers they were produced and sold. I'm assuming since they are discontinued, the sales were not enough to keep the line going. That's not saying it's a bad gun, but there is a minimum amount of sales to make the work and materials involved worth it to the company.
OP I see you have done some research so just to add, my Rem 788 has an 18" barrel, my Moss 810A 30-06 & 800A .308 both have the 22" barrel. My 800CV 22-250 bull barrel is 24".