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Shockwave Sling mounting on magazine cap problems

Hello Everyone I hope today finds you well and happy even with all that is going on...

I'm a newer member on the site and also happy Shockwave owner. Mine is a 12 gauge. It came with the sling stud-eyelets on the end of the Raptor grip and also on the magazine tube cap. The problem I'm having is with the mag-cap stud-eyelet. It is just threaded through the cap but it does not swivel at all by design. To me this is a real problem. On my existing sling I have Uncle Mikes Quick Detach sling swivel mounts from my other shotgun (870.. gasp) that works great. When mounted to the Shockwave MagCap any movement starts to loosen the cap even when cranked down as tight as it will go. (My mag cap loosens quite easily and I guess this is normal ?) My 870 mag cap is tighter with more anti reverse clicks i.e.

I find this very dangerous if the mag cap starts to come even slightly loose. In my mind this could cause a catastrophic failure. I noticed this because I had initially put a drop of blue locktite on the thread of the stud-eyelet but quickly realized it made the cap start to loosen even faster. I could leave the stud-eyelet slightly loose so it would sort of swivel and probably would not completely unthread itself but I'm not happy with that idea.

I have been searching to see if there is an stud-eyelet that will swivel freely??

I have been looking through the forum and have found some alternative solutions for mounting slings. GGG etc. are good products I've used before on other firearms. Honestly at this time I don't really 'need' a sling because the SW is my newest HD solution. I do like to have some alternative accessories though i.e. if I travel with the SW and need to be out in the bush fighting off zombie types.

Further, I'm not an accessorizer and like things simple. I am not really a Laser fan either but I do have a green Bulldot on my SW and it works great. I will not be holding this firearm up past my waist area so the Bulldot is awesome. It’s not a flashlight but illuminates quite well and hopefully will burn out the eyes of my intruders before I would shoot at them. Humor...

I'm glad to be member on this site and find a lot of great info.. thanks in advance.


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Further thought: I have the Irene Adaptive Sling (IAS) It has the mash type clip hooks. It is definitely a tactical sling and mainly for an AR platform that can transition from single to a two point without ever detaching the weapon. This sling would work well on a SW if the 'rear' attachment was on the receiver instead of the butt of the raptor grip. I see there are 'rear' accessories (GGG) but I really do not want to replace the stock trigger group pin with a screw attachment. I thought the same with the Side Saddle offerings and went with a velcro mount. I guess that design is ok/good but I'd like to avoid that. I also saw a rear mount 'loop' .. might be ok also. Just brain storming more.
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I've been doing a lot of searching and all the products I've looked at have some type of snafu or flaw which is to be expected somewhat. The GGG rear loop is definitely a bad design. (No dig against the folks at GGG). When you remove the raptor grip and install the part the reinstalled raptor grip doesn't sit flush and leaves a gap plus the half-round cut out for the trigger group does not butt up tight and it also looks bad. Could be a problem, I watched a YouTube vid by MrHolster who reviewed this part and I agree with him. Now the GGG front sling mount looks pretty good and had some decent reviews. One negative review I saw stated that the tube mag cap looses some locking because the thin metal plate that is part of the sling loop takes up a bit of space and also has a slight wobble. Not a deal breaker on that one. Also I have not ordered or tested either of these parts so..

As it turns out my concern about the non-swiveling stud threaded into the OEM mag cap isn't that bad after all as long as it moves freely on the threads. Once the Uncle Mikes attachment is on the sling buckle prevents it from unthreading as long as it is not cranked tight or held by Blue Loktite (as I did initially) seems fine. My only caveat would be 'if' the stud came unthreaded and lost due to the UM sling lock detached. I am just updating my thread because I find it therapeutic to type rather than talk to myself.. Ha.

For the time being I'm just going to stick with my current setup but would like to hear any suggestions or ideas.
Well, I don't own a Shockwave but I am really glad that you care to put a sling on your shotgun because you can't just lay it down when you need your hands.

Good luck!