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Shockwave sling.


.270 WIN

1. Used Garand sling with brass furniture.

2. 6 shell cheap Chinese junk holder.

3. Assorted rawhide shoelaces from the kitchen drawer.

I still have to darken and distress the shell holder and shoelaces, but you get the idea. It's actually really comfortable on the shoulder because the shell holder is wide enough to act as a pad.

Once I get the wood corncob on it, the sling will keep my hand from sliding forward, so I won't need the grip strap.

PicsArt_03-04-04.10.08.jpg PicsArt_03-04-04.09.03.jpg
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It'll look better when I get the rawhide and shell holder aged and colored to match the old garand sling. Surprisingly comfortable on the shoulder, too!