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Sights for hunting.

Chris C

.270 WIN
LTB45 said:
For the money and considering that at the range I would take a Deer with a shotgun or a Turkey, I need no magnification. These work great!

Thanks, LTB45. So far I think this one is on the top of my "possibles" list.


I'm Your Huckleberry
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Chris, one thing to consider. If you hunt a lot in low light conditions, good optics can add a few minutes to the hunt. While I don't have any scopes on my shotguns, my hunting rifles/handguns are equipped.

Chris C

.270 WIN
Since hunting isn't my priority right now, a 30mm tube ought to be fine. For serious hunting, I prefer a 40 or 45mm tube. For right now, I think something like this would work. But thanks for the comment. Every thought is much appreciated.

Chris C

.270 WIN
Well, I've read every on-line review of the Gobble Stopper I can find. Looked up every article in shooting news sites and I really think the Gobble Stopper is the way I'll go. Wish it were available in a variable magnification...........say up to 2 1/2x............and have an objective lens larger than 30mm..........but neither of those short-comings are a deal stopper. Think when the time comes, I'll be getting the Gobble Stopper from Tru-Glo.

Thanks for all the help, suggestions and comments. This is a great forum with lots of great guys. (n'gals, I imagine!) :D