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I have read in a few places that Sig sights will work on the MC1. Anybody tried this?
I have a set of TruGlo TFX on my P365 that are not working out & I might see if they fit the Mossberg.
Not sure about the Mossberg, but sig sights will work on the XS2000 imports, also known as the Springfield Armory.

I could measure the sig and the springfield if you'd like, but I have no way of measuring the Mossberg because I don't have one. Do you have a caliper you can measure it with?
Thank you for your offer. I have not had time to work with any guns in the last several weeks and probably won't have time for several more weeks. I'll post again when I can look at them.
Well I finally got to spend some time with the P365 and after a few adjustments the TruGlo sights are working well for me. I'll leave them on the Sig and address the MC1 some other time.
How are you liking the 365? I finally got one about a month ago and am liking it a lot. I'm having a few issues with my firing pin that I don't really understand but I have an email into their customer service to see what they say about it but haven't heard back from them yet.
It has been a good gun for me, had it about a year. What kind of firing pin problem are you having? Mine show some striker drag, but then some of my other pistols do also. It always goes bang though.
Some light strikes and some normal strikes.

While the light strikes are hard enough to light the primer reliably at this time and I've not had a failure to fire, I think it should have a new spring at minimum. Look at the difference in the depth of the strike between this handful. The one on the far left is a miracle it even went off. I have AR15's that dimple primers deeper than that just chambering a round.