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Silver Reserve Firing Pins

Hello all,

New member here. I have owned a SR I for close to ten years now. I acquired it back when I was winding down my trapshooting days and now I am beginning to get back into the sport again. So far I have 400 documented rounds through it with no issues. I am now about to purchase a SR II Super Sport from a friend and use it as my serious doubles gun and maintain my 1100 Sporting 12 for singles and handicap. The SR II has had no issues with only 2 rounds of skeet by my friend and an unknown quantity of rounds by the initial owner. I will be owner number 3. I contacted Mossberg about getting spare firing pins for both the I and II and the nice lady in customer service responded that no pins are available for the I since it has been discontinued and the pins for the II are back ordered for over a month. I did find a place in Australia (Rebel Gun Works) that has pins, but they do not ship outside of the country. Are there any other options open to who might have firing pins for these guns short of machining new ones myself? I don’t see any issues arising in the near future, but I would like spares on hand should I need them. Thanks for any help y’all can be.
For everyone’s edification, I thought I would pass this along. I did contact the manufacturer in Turkey, and they told me that they would be unable to send any replacement parts to me and that I should contact Mossberg who is capable of directly ordering from them. Oh well, guess I’m going to have to wait for supply crunches to end.
Thank you for updating what you were told. It sucks. But, I appreciate that you took the time to tell us what they said.