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Spray on rubber coating


I have a woven nylon sling that really slides around on me sometimes. I was thinking about trying the spray on Rubber coating to give it a little tach so everything stays in place better? (it's available at Lowes) Don't even know if the spray would stick to the nylon or not. Anybody tried this or anything similar?


Nope...never tried it.

I would suggest using a small test piece first...
I used Loctite "Go 2 Glue" to glue suede leather over my nylon sandbag and it worked great. I put big anti-skid rubber dots on the bottom so it won't slide. I used it to glue my nylon bunny-ear bag to a homemade leather beanbag, and it worked great there too.

Essentially, it's a medium soft urethane rubber, but it doesn't spray on. It's in a plastic bottle.
You can just put dots or stripes of it on the strap, and when dry they'll grip really well.

I use Plasti-dip on my skate gloves, and it sticks well to leather and the nylon fabric too. You can spray it or dip it and I've done both. It's flexible and won't crack, but it doesn't grip like that urethane does.

I use it because I want the gloves to slide and not grip.
Cadd's suggestions above:
One thing I will mention about that Go 2 Glue:

it seems to work pretty well but I think it's extremely expensive for what you get.

I think this is just a conveniently packaged version of a much less expensive construction adhesive, commonly used for mounting glass and stone to metal.
Thanks guys! I'll read up on the Loctite GO2. Never seen that before. The plasti dip is what my local Lowes has in stock and that is what I was asking about. I also work with leather and make custom holsters on occasion, so I was also considering hand sewing some leather to the sling. I have the materials and could dye it black to match the denier nylon sling.