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Super Full Moon?


The Original Sheriff
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I only just heard of this, it may not be new to anyone.

If I understand correctly its a full moon but closer orbit than usual, it only gets this close to us every couple years?

Anyway, it should be a mostly clear night here and we may be able to look for coyote. Anyone else?
Ozzy likes it too



Sorry, couldn't resist :lol:
When I saw the thread title all I could think of was Jeff Foxworthy's skit:

"Permission granted Bomber One, do you prefer to press or hang?"


I wonder if it affects the amimals any different than any other full moon.

I know I will double check the locks on the doors tonight. ;-D
Ha. Ha. You guys are too funny! :)

I heard about this and thought "hunting!" :lol: Oh well, maybe the crazies will come out...
That wasn't a tingle......that was Nitesite using the force.
ripjack13 said:
That wasn't a tingle......that was Nitesite using the force.

Yeah, if nitesite had been standing closer, it would've looked like this

Ok, so... I'm lookin at the moon. Its just the moon. Thats all.

I was all excited, now I have the buyers remorse.
Its slightly cloudy here... weather has sucked. But I can see the stupid moon... unimpressed RipJack. Unimpressed.
IMHO the Harvest moon looks way bigger than this one......
It was only 200 miles closer than it has ever been to the earth. Sky was very overcast here. Should have had more effect on high and low tides but again I'm way to far from the coast to notice. Two games went into extra innings, my dogs were a little stranger than usual but no apparent paranormal activity and the day ended here pretty much like any other Cinco de Mayo without incident.