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I have a question regarding SWAT and SRT...
Has SWAT transformed into SRT and is no more.. or are they still two different entities ?
Fellmann, I may be wrong but my understanding is that the members of a SWAT are assigned and specifically dedicated to that task. However, a Special Response Team or Sheriff's Response Team, while trained in special tactics, don't have dedicated members doing that single task.

Water kind of muddy I think and whatever terms is "in vogue" that day.

Are you referring to a specific agency, or in general?

In general, it's just a name. Different agencies call their teams different things. Some call theirs "SWAT", some call theirs "SRT", while others have various other names/acronyms (CRT, etc.). The unit I was on at my agency was called the "Tactical Team ("Tac" for short).
I think it is just re-naming to make the police tactical team sound less tactical. ;) Sort of like calling an AR-15 a "modern sporting rifle"... :D