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Tactical buttstock shell holder


Copper BB
Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed but I tried looking for it with no luck. Anyway, I was wondering if their are any accessories for a 12 gauge shell holder for a six position tactical butt stock exactly like the 500 tactical and I know their are options to buy a whole new stock, but I own a flex and don't need a whole new buttstock, just would like to saddle up some shells to my tactical stock. Any advice on products? I'd be willing to just buy the 500 tacticals buttstock if it was sold separately without the expensive stock w pistol grip and all. I just need something that will attach to my stock or if they sell an ar15 style stock with a shell holder already on it so I can just slide it on my stock. Thanks guys
Hi, Ms. I'm sorry I can't help you w/ your question specifically for your config. I use a "spandex" 6-loop on my 500's wood stock.

Anyhoo. I want to say welcome to the Mossberg Owner forum from E TN.
If you have a mil-spec buffer tube you could go with our TactLite Mil-Spec Stock and attach the TactLite Stock Shell Carrier, this would be exactly what you're looking for. We'd highly recommend one of our recoil-reducing butt-pads as well.

It seems like you wanted to go that route versus buying an entire new shotgun stock/pistol grip combo which we have as well.

It also seemed like you wanted to add the shells to your stock instead of receiver, but we do have our Mossberg 9-Shell Side-Saddle as well for another shell-mounting option.

Please let us know if you have any other questions at all!