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Tell Us About Your SCREEN NAME and AVATAR...


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Do your screen name and avatar have any special meaning or did you just pick a random name and a cool pic? Some are pretty self explanitory, but others can be much more inspired.

Let's hear it...
Ok, I'll go first.

When I first made the jump from pistols to long-guns I had a pretty hard time adjusting. I had virtually no experience and had to learn as I went along. I was tryin to sight in a shiny new scope I put on my brand new Remy 700 and couldn't find zero to save my @$$. I was tryin everything that I could think of and my patterm was all over the paper.

An ol' timer who'd apparently been watchin me for a while walks up and hands me a set of hex wrenches. I said thank you and politely asked why he'd handed them to me. "Tighten up your rings" he said, "that oughta bout do it". I asked how he knew and he replied with "son I've been shootn a couple lanes down from you for the better part of an hour and the rattlin in them rings is givin me a headache". I kinda muttered out loud "so that's what's causing me to shoot all over the place".

He said, "young man it's either that or you got yourself one hell of a LAZY EYE"!

We both got a good laugh. He shared a few helpful tips and from then on I've been able to sight in pretty much any rifle with three shots. The whole ordeal made quite an impression on me.

When I got into gun forums I thought the name was a good fit and a reminder to always help people out whenever I could. I designed the avatar afterward. I thought it'd be a funny visual representation of the name.
Good story man!

My avatar is the Magpul skull. I dont have anything on my guns from Magpul, I just like the skull! I painted onto my 590A1 stock. I design stuff, but I suck at graphics. But because of the work I do with leather and sometimes tooling, people ask me to do custom graphics sometimes. Like I said I cant draw at all, but I can take several pictures and blend them together by hand sketching. Additionally, I can make a template from just about anything, and I cant leave anything alone, I have to "modify" everything, make it custom and personal. So, while there isnt a significant meaning to the skull, it is a hand made template I can use over and over. I used slugs in the pic, cuz I like shooting them! I cant rifle hunt here in Ohio, so if I deer hunt, it has to be with slugs, so its just a common round for me.

My name is Brad Rossignol. My screen name is Rossignol. It isnt creative, but its my name and a name is everything. There isnt anything else I need to be known by. My name has a long long history, and the Rossignols before were very dedicated and driven people. I always want to emulate those qualities with everything I set to doin. I allso take everything as a competition, whether its leather work, or iron work. I want to be at the top of the heap, and its by Rossignol that I'm called and known. A name that I wont run into the ground, and a legacy to be left for generations I'm responsible for raisin up.
Years ago when I first started Playstation 1 video games (way back in 1998 :lol: ) , I needed a name that would be cool. So I started thinking of names similar to Jack the Ripper, and the movie "Freejack" (with Charlie "Winning" Sheen and Mick " I'm so old I should be a mummy" Jagger.) Also I loved the movie " Tank Girl" with Lori (mmmmmm yummy) Petty and the characters in the movie that everyone was so afraid of were called "Rippers"....so I put all them together and
I came up with "ripjack", so I entered it.. ..and low and behold someone thought of it before me! wth!?? :shock: :eek: (also it's an Inn in Costa Rica :roll: ) now I wanted to keep it and so I decided to add the number 13 to it, because my name is Marc, and the letter M is the 13th letter in the alphabet.

The avatar is from Devil May Cry, the Coyote-A...
I played that game all the time. And I loved that gun in the game.

So there you have it.....
Screen name is a vehicle I own, It all started 7-8 years ago searching for an unused user name and it worked out, Its basically a 1963 Triumph Sports 6(called a Vitesse 6 in Europe) I still need to get it on the road, I have put off this project for many years, All I need to do is some body work and paint then I can get it back together.
I have a few more pic's and stuff here.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/77197343@N ... 484933763/

As for my avatar, Its an old business card that my Grandfather had stashed away that I found after he passed, It has the old 4 digit phone number on it for a business in Jackson Hole...Er uh, Jackson WY.
Here is a scan of it.
My screen name, Mudinyeri, is pronounced "mud in your (yer if yer from Nebraska) eye". It's a toast of sorts, as in, "here's mud in your eye". It's also the name of the side businesses that I run, Mudinyeri Offroad and Mudinyeri Outdoors.

My avatar is a picture of my son helping me with my "salad shooter" - my Mossberg 930 SPX - shooting a squash from the garden at the end of the season. There were several squash that weren't going to ripen before the first hard freeze so we made salad out of them with the Mossberg. :D
I've used this screen name for over 10 years on all different types of forums but the reason it was created was to participate on a University of Arizona baseketball forum. So if you ever see CatnPhx on any forum you'll know it's me.

It's not very imaginative. I graduated from the University of Arizona (1986) and their mascot is a Wildcat plus I live in Phoenix (UA is located in Tucson).

So you have CatnPhx. :lol:

(and no, I'm not in 2nd grade!!)
I'm a guy that has a tough time identifying myself with anything... Brands, stars, sports, cars, etc. I have so many interest and hobbies that I just don't have favorites.

Most of my handles or nick names were done spur of the moment... this one is no exception. One day looking for a handle of anonymity, EvilBetty from Kung Pow popped in my head. I've used it on several boards ever since.

rip·snorter (rĭpˈsnôrˈtər)


1. Slang a person or thing that is strikingly active, forceful, exciting, wild, rambunctious, etc.

2. One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

I actually got it out of the dictionary WAAAAAY back in the AOL days when I needed a screen name. I liked it and it has stuck with me for YEARS.

The avatar was a quick photoshop job I did while I was waiting for mine to come in like a 7 year old before Christmas.
Ripsnortr said:
rip·snorter (rĭpˈsnôrˈtər)


1. Slang a person or thing that is strikingly active, forceful, exciting, wild, rambunctious, etc.

2. One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

I'd have to agree with that Rip,

You're one intensely exciting guy!!! :lol:
Ripsnortr said:
rip·snorter (rĭpˈsnôrˈtər)


1. Slang a person or thing that is strikingly active, forceful, exciting, wild, rambunctious, etc.

2. One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, or excellence.

I'd have to agree with that Rip,

You're one intensely exciting guy!!! :lol:

I like to think so. :mrgreen:
Well, I've been a collector / shooter of firearms for close to 40 years...so many of my friends call me "shooter"...or when asked a firearm or concealed carry question, my friends will refer to me saying..."he's the shooter, ask him." Of all of my friends, I'm the one who always has a firearm on him.

13 has been my lucky number ever since I first got it on a sandlot soccer jersey back in the late 60's...then on my high school soccer jersey in the early 70's...then by request on volleyball, softball, and basketball jerseys. I even picked up my 1st brand new car, a 1979 Chevy Camaro SS on Friday July 13, 1979...back when the gas rationing was going on and your license plates' last number being odd or even entitled you to buy gas on that odd/even day.

The avatar with the hole in the skull...proficiency with a firearm...shot placement ends the fight...one shot, one kill.
Very nice Shooter, thanks for sharing.

My Pop has started callin me shooter now. I take that as an incredible compliment coming from retired Airborne...