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Tennessee SB 0700/HB 0745 - Lifetime Handgun Carry Permit


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Gov. Haslam signed into law on 4/28/15...


New law provides a lifetime option for new carry permits and renewals. There is a one time $500 fee for the renewal of current limited HCP upon expiration or for a new Lifetime HCP. New HCP applications also incur the standard $115 application fee. There is a standing condition that the lifetime HCP holder pass a criminal background check every 5 years. At this time it is unclear whether the background check will be automatically run by the State or if the HCP holder will have to submit the check at a State sanctioned facility.

Current HCP is good for four years with a $50 renewal fee, so essentially the fee for the lifetime permit covers the equivalent of 40 years of renewals at the current cost. Newly legal applicants, 21 years of age, will benefit greatly from this.

One would figure the cost of limited renewals is likely to rise with inflation in the future, so this must be taken into consideration as well as any future changes to carry laws. In theory, the lifetime permit SHOULD circumvent any changes and serve as a "grandfather" permit.

Still a few questions need answering here, but it's always good to see positive steps...
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That is positive. But at our age, I think I'd just continue renewing.

Sucks that we should have to have it to begin with though.

I'm not against concealed carry by any means.

I just feel that we should be able to do it without restriction, without a permit, and without a tax.
We almost had constitutional carry here in NH :( would be nice if we at least got a plastic I.D. card! all we get is a peice of paper that were not surpposed to laminate and carry around for 5 years! Permits are only $10 and out of state is $100 but the governor veto'd the bill guess the money is worth it!
Love to see all "permits" go away but short of that this seems like a good deal. Grats!!
We took a step in the wrong direction, background checks for private sales now.....well evryone who decides to do it anyway.....
no big surprise since there are more blues than anytime in state history.....as soon as Washington went last year and after the elections it was only a matter of time.
Don't really see how it's going to stop bad guys from getting guns , I do see how a lot of good guys are going to be forced to the new underground network that is already starting up
Oli, if you make enough laws, eventually everyone will be a criminal.

There are none alive in this country that doesn't already break numerous laws daily. It's unavoidable.


Many laws were dumb to begin with but usually when they powers that be decide a law is no longer useful, etc. they just stop enforcing it rather than taking the time and effort to get it off the books. Perhaps by design as this way they can always trip someone up when they can't get them on anything else.

When I was a kid I had a book listing all the dumb and funny laws still on the books around the country. " Donkeys can't sleep in bathtubs, and other funny laws" or something like that.... i can't believe I still remember then name of the bookl
Once you get to a certain age "lifetime" permits no longer make sense. For the $500, 40 years would put me over 90...doubt I'll be carrying then...probably just be trying to get the old gals in the nursing home to blow in my mobile "breathalyzer"...;)
For me this is not as much about the time frame as it is the one and done permit.

Our permit renewal is $50 every four years, pretty cheap when you think about it, but that is subject to change at any time the State sees fit to raise the fee for additional tax revenue. The renewal fee could easily jump to $100, $200, or any price they see fit and renewal requirements could end up changing as well. All it would take is the wrong politician elected into office and things could take a turn for the worse pretty quick. I like the idea of having my HCP locked in place before any of that happens. If it never does, it would still be worth the peace of mind for me...
That may be true, LES, but that same politician could make "lifetime" permits null and void with a stroke of a pen. Remember Ronald Reagan and his "a government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take everything away". There is absolutely no guarantee that "lifetime" mean yours.