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Thanks for the add, New '88 Owner here


Copper BB
Just joined the Mossberg club by buying my first shotgun, a Maverick 88 for the purpose of self defense in today's rather scary 'new world'. Found the group while searching for a good after-market recoil pad. After firing 10 rounds (1 oz deer slugs) at our nearby indoor shooting range, the need for a better pad became apprent to my shoulder :)
I have many questions but will try to read up on other's posts where I am sure most questions will already be asked and answered.
Welcome to the forum from the socialist republic of New York. Limb Saver recoil pads are your friend. Post some pics!
Try holding the butt against your pectoral muscle (instead of your shoulder socket) and use the pull/push technique. Search "Rob Haught pull push" will bring up videos and such.

Welcome Aboard! :)
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Welcome to MO from Kanuckistan!

The video Bobster mentioned is below. It should be required viewing for every new shotgun owner!

Enjoy your new Mav 88!