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The Headlines and What They Should Really Say


.50 BMG
This Thread is for the headlines you've read, and what they should really say.

For example, in the Fresno Bee today:

Gaza Hospitals Struggle to Cope with Large Numbers of Wounded.

What it should really say:

Traditional Attack on Jews Begins Ramadan.

Jews win Again.
Moslems Vow to Kill More Jews.
Yeah, lots of fake news wanting to blame it on the recent US announcing the US embassy move to Jerusalem.

Hate to tell the "journalists and editors" but they hated Israel and the US way before that. This is why fact checking is important.
I wish things were so clear these days, John....

We have another good one in the paper today:

House Revolt Sinks Farm Bill
Should read:
Congress hamstrung by inability to pass immigration reform.

Any big deal is going to be stalled over this matter until Congress gets its fecal matter in a single Locus.
Today the news said:

Trump to Recognize States Rights on Legal Pot

What it should have said:

Trump Pulls Political Coup in Liberal States