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The Stealth Operator

About 6 months ago I went into the gun shop owned by one of our other trainers. They had a display of Stealth Operator holsters there. He said that they would fit about every semi he had in the shop.

I knew that couldn't be true so I asked him to start handing me guns across the counter. It was like magic. Just about every thing he had fit that holster. One .22 was sort of iffy. But it would fit a G30 and a G19 well even though they are different widths and my made-for-Glock Fobus holsters are not interchangeable.

So I told our Chief instructor about them and we have one on hand now so if a student shows up to a carry class w/o a properly fitting holster we can lend him this one.

I'm thinking about buying one for myself now that I have 3 different size guns that I shoot. I'll test out ours first and let you know how they are on the draw and give them a good retention workout.