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Thinking out loud - "Mare's Leg" for Shockwave?


.270 WIN

Similar concept as Shockwave in regards to OAL, not a stock, etc - there has to be some sort of a gray area with LOP which allows the above to be sold with the 'firearm', yes you could touch your shoulder with it if you really wanted to etc, and it doesn't have a buttpad -

I'm wondering what if you wanted to make something like a Mare's Leg on a Shockwave, or even buy an old "stock" - but if you take off the buttpad, and chop it down to lets say 10" LOP, would we still be in a gray 'firearm' area?

Unlike the Mare's Leg, if you had a Shockwave looking like that you could tuck it against your cheek and not worry about the lever action smacking you in the face too -
And I probably answered my own question as I didn’t check the mares leg for OAL - it’s 25” and sold as a pistol not a firearm, I guess that’s my answer -

although I would love to chop down a regular stock to where it’s unusable as a stock, that question still lingers - I should post a picture of what I mean
AFT would probably start calling it a stock anyway.
Alphabet boys jajaja I know

I’ll just get my Black Aces wood on there and just utilize it as a conversation piece like I know it is, I have no problem doing a Form 3 in my area but I have a problem with the NFA and supporting it....