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Toughest Fiber Optic Vent rib mounted?

The sights on my 930 turkey model are or seem to be easily snagged,or bent out of aliment...I want to go with the best sight for slugs..The 2 I see recommend most are TruGlo magnum gobble dot and the Williams Fire sight..After reading 74 reviews on the TruGlo I found 5 or 6 references to the front tube breaking that had to be replaced.I did not see reviews on the firesight.I want to put on adjustable rear rifle sights mounted on the vent rib so this type of sight is what I'm looking for.Has anyone used these sights?I picked up my gun and my finger bent the factory rear over and it looked like my point of aim would be different.Thats why I want to get better quality tough sight.Set screws and loctite! But still adjustable for when I use a different slug..Some day I might put a rail on top of the receiver for a red dot or other type of scope so the height of the sight I would prefer to be tall to see over top of the rail.I have never used a peep/ghost ring of any kind..
I run the Fire Sightson two different guns and have never had a problem. I'm not sure I've ever had a direct hit to the front blade but they have stood up to my hunting adventures.
Well it took 15 months but I finally just broke down and bought a set of the Tru Glo's...and wish I had got them a long time before! Great sight, a really sharp front bead that's bright and not to big. I have never used ghost ring sights and didn't want to learn on the 930. The Mossberg fo were OK but I just did not trust them because the rear sight was so easily moved. The TG's sit a little bit higher. After I get thru a few hundred slugs I will be back here and give yall a report. .