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Tritium replacement for 3 Dot sights?

I've found on the XS Sights website that they have the set, which I know you're not looking for. However, I can only access the mobile site at the moment. In the past, I know I've seen just the front blade available on the full site.


The model you listed is discontinued I think. It doesn't appear on the OFM site and dealers are out of stock from what I've seen.

To the best of my knowledge, the Meprolight will work, but I'd contact them first to be certain and see what the return policy is through vendors in case it doesn't.
Oh, the other thing I'd want to know about is the height of the XS Sight vs the Meprolight.
Thank you for looking into this to offer me good advice. I've reached out to XS and Mossberg (through Joe Z) to try to understand my options. Obviously with the weekend and the holiday, I don't expect I'll get answers for a few days . . . if I'm lucky.

How will I know the height of the XS sight? The floor of the dovetail from the barrel? Obviously I don't have the blade to measure. What measurement am I making/trying to find from XS?
In these cases I call directly and ask to speak with a tech and elaborate as needed to get through to whomever can help. I'd ask what the measurement is on the dovetail for your model. They may have a part number and may be able to sell just the blade.

If you get a hold of Joe Z, ask him the same or if they even have a part number for that sight if you're able to talk to him before XS.

XS I think has a tritium blade for that model. I didn't know if you had your heart set on the Meprolight or not.
No, I don't have to have Meprolight. Either would be better than the empty base that I have now. ;)