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TruGlo TG131SG

Anyone got a 500 or 590 will a rail mounted on the receiver? If you do, have you tried any front sights? I am kindof looking at the TruGlo TG131SG.


I think I have decided to not put a ghost ring sight on the rear because the channel that is cut out of the picatinny rail works perfectly as a rear sight, but the factory sight is too low to use with the rail. That gets me to my actual question. Has anyone with a 500 or 590 with a rail on the receiver tried the TruGlo shotgun sight on the front? Is the sight tall enough to look down the channel on the rail and still get point of aim within reasonable distance? I know a lot of people feel that you don't need a sight on the front of a shotgun, but I liked the sight on mine before I put the rail on it, and would like to keep a sight on the front of it, I just need it to be a little taller, and brighter doesn't hurt either.
Another option would be just the front sight from the TG958 set.


It looks to be a little taller, although if the TG131SG works, I think I would rather have it as it looks a little tougher. The TG958 looks like it might be a little fragile.
I have a receiver mounted picatinny rail, but have not used it with a front sight. I have tried sighting down the picatinny, but not with any acccuracy.

What you almost have to do, is lay some sort of straight edge in the plowed part of the rail, making sure its hitting the front and rear of the rail, and then measure the gap between the straight edge and barrel at the muzzle where the bead installs. You may then be able to get specs from TruGlow for the heights of their bead sights and see what works.

If youre handy with a sting line or chalk line, you could even us one of those.
Anyone have any info on the OP sight, the TruGlo fiber/tritium? I would really like to find out more about this sight, but my google fu seems to be weak right now, can't find much about it.
I would love to find a good sight for my A1 18" plain bead barrel. I have read some reviews here and there, but I would like to see a really good write up. I already understand it needs a second hole and is only supplied with #6 screws.
Here's something from shotgunworld.


It references having the barrel drilled and tapped. Not much on reviews. But it's a hybrid fiber optic/tritium bead, it is what it is. Excellent low light/no light visibility, but you still have to be able to see a target too.

The Meprolight bead isn't as sexy but it doesn't require drilling and tapping.