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Ulti-Mag Cleaning


Got my new Mossberg and I'm PUMPED to unload on some clay pigeons. I peaked down the barrel and it is the most dirty thing I've ever seen. I want to buy something along the lines of a hoppes 12 gauge cleaning kit. My question is will I need to buy a 10 gauge cleaning kit for the over bored barrel or will the 12 gauge work just fine? Sorry for the ignorance I'm new to shotguns.

Good question, I have one but have never cleaned it. LOL
Re: RE: Ulti-Mag Cleaning

12 ga. Kit will work fine. Hope you enjoy your 835 as much as I do. For the last 15 yrs. I've only used it for duck/geese hunting but now use it to test reloads shooting skeet.

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A 12 g kit is in order. Also...I suggest a bore snake. It cleans the barrel of debris and its good to have in the field before and after shooting. A quick pull is better than none at all.

Mike... :( clean that bad boy. It will be happier. It told me so.... :)
got the bore snake and a hoppes brush set. cleaned it up nicely. I dont know why the barrel was so absolutely filthy from the factory though
Great! Keep us updated here on it, if you anything, questions, whatever...just ask.

That camo looks great too!!
Thanks everybody. I appreciate all of the help. We're about to go skeet shooting. I'll try to snap a few pictures of us destroying some clay
Right on. Are you keeping the stock sights or upgrading?
I LOVE the sights that came with it. We'll see how they work out but part of me wants to keep this gun as is. Atleast through my first hunting season with it.
Is the turkey barrel an over bore? I know that the field barrel is an over bore. I keep my rifled barrel on mine. Would like to pick up a cylinder bore barrel for it sometime.
I'd love to get a slug barrel for mine. Realtree hardwoods camo.....
The barrel on mine is overbored on the ends but tightens up in the middle. Yesterday I was getting 1 1/2'' patterns at 20 yards with the ulti full choke that came with my gun. 3'' patters with the improved cylinder. After 100 rounds I can strongly say that it is my favorite firearm that I own. Absolutely awesome.

Also has anyone seen a rifled slug barrel that is ribbed and ported?
I have not. Not that I have looked for it , but maybe I could.