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Upstate New York Weekend


.270 WIN
Going upstate NY to post my uncles property this weekend and Im taking my plinkster and my 46mb to do some squirrel hunting while posting. Im also taking my 500 to pattern it after taking the deer barrel off and putting the fat bird barrel on. I love getting ready for another hunting season!!
Sounds like a good time. Have fun. We won't complain if you post some pics. ;-D
Will do! We call it the tree rat festival its a good way to get us all up there to prune the apple trees and repost. My uncle just bought a rhino so we will have to make all our quad trails wider also
I'd be interested in hearing what you though of the Rhino. I've been looking to buy a new ATV or UTV. I just can't decide what I want.
As far as traveling I like the atv, it reminds me of my kid years on the dirt bikes and atc, but as far as on my uncles property it hauls wood, stones, dirt, and deer much better. I would rather hang onto handle bars than a steering wheel, but It is a real nice vehicle ill drop some photos on monday Mike
We were looking for the greys, but saw none! We have two rules of taking game at my uncles place, one we consume what we take, and two we take what consumes, and the red squirrels and porcupines are consuming the house! These things will eat right through the wood and to get into the eaves. I also took and absolutely huge porcupine, which also eats the house. I wish we had more fisher cats up there to take care of the porcupine, cause Im tired of being woken up in the middle of the night hearing them chew on the house!


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I have a cabin in upper MI. We defeated porcupines buy covering the entire outside of the cabin in rolled roofing.

Red Squirrels are a different story. They always seem to find a way into the walls. The rule on them is pretty much to shoot on sight. There is no closed season on them here so I make it a point to always carry a small game license when heading up there. They can cause a huge amount of damage in a relatively short amount of time.
Same deal upstate ny we secure the barns with aluminum roll flashing but my Unc doesnt want it on the house so we just eliminate, we also dont need tags for the two beasts either. It is an endless supply of the red squirrels, we bring the 22 and the 410 out to the deck with our coffee in the am. Attached is doezilla I took with the bow up there this year she was dressed at about 140. Because I took her and took another in jersey I was waiting on a big nine and big eight with the gun that we saw on the cameras, but they never showed


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Hock...nice doe. How do you prepare the squirrel to eat? and how do you cook it? does it taste good? i have quite a few around my house that cause havoc, and there's no limit on them....