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What do you use for Scent cover?


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I've been planning on buying some scent cover stuff before deer season opens to wash all my gear and cloths I planned on using. Does anyone else use something to eliminate oders? They sell a complete kit like this one on ebay for about $26.50.

http://www.basspro.com/Hunter-s-Special ... 9/-1499802

I remember a bar soap too. I think it is green but I can't remeber what it's called.

Plus we have the whole attractant scent arena. What do you guys use there?

I don't use cover scent or any of that bottled stuff.

I just use scent away liquid soap. I use it for shampoo, body wash, and wash my clothes in it too.

http://www.cabelas.com/scents-scent-eli ... erralID=NA

Then I hang my clothes outside on the porch for a few days to just make sure they're as nuetral smelling as possible

I am a firm believer that the HS scent away works because last year, a spike passed within 15 feet of me. I literally could've spit on him.

If you want to "go green" just find you a small cedar or pine tree nearby and cut some branches off of it on the way in to your stand. When you get to your stand, turn your knife sideways and scrape the bark off the limbs to get the smell going good. Not only will it cover your scent, if you place the branches around you, may also give you some extra camo. And you can refresh it several times by scraping on it.

I know that this may be against the grain, but I try not to use anything commercial and try to just use stuff that's natural and close proximity where I'm hunting.
I tend to agree. I have often wondered if I used the scent away stuff in my washer after so many loads have already gone through it with scented detergent, would all of the scented stuff be gone from the machine to not continue to contaminate my clothing anyway.

My problem is that by the time I get to my spot I have picked out, I have already treked down a mountainside and figure I smell like a pig farm. And if I had some wipes, then I have to carry a plastic bag to seal them in. Or I could just forget about hoping to come across anything downwind because they picked up my scent already.

So, I'm hoping to give myself an edge. Anyway I can. It's going to be interesting this year anyway because I have never hunted this particular area before. I have scouted it several times and definately found deer sign and hog but haven't actually "seen" any deer or hogs. I haven't been able to identify any specific game trails except for small animals either after walking over about 20 acres of mountain side.

I even use Satellite photo's of the area to help even though the last pass taken was almost a year ago. And for all I know, on opening day, there will be 47 other hunters there with me. Which makes me think I need to get there the day before and setup someplace that when all of the amateurs start falling through the brush in the morning, they might drive something my way. Then again, I am probably way over thinking this too.

Until I get out there and see what happens I just won't know.

I've used stuff once. I dont really worry about it. I smoke, plus the smells of my vehicle...

But the cedar idea sounds pretty good, I'd be willing to try that!

Another somewhat more expensive option is scent lock clothing. I wont be doing that.
I will stand by the aforementioned product for scent cover adding the caveat that all my huntin' camos and vests hang in their own closet in the basement...are washed only when really filthy...and when washed, do not get put in with anything but water and this scent eliminator...as you don't want UV brightners and spring fresh fragrances spoiling your cover.

http://www.codebluescents.com/productde ... ?id=OA1205


Works for me... ;)