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What kind of shotguns do the military currently use?

I always thought a SBS would make a fine weapon on Tanks.
Your stand off and ability to depress your machine guns to engage close in targets in MOUT is limited and after you fire two salvo's of smoke grenades you are somewhat vulnerable to dismounts.
SO, I was a US Army Military Police patrolman for 7 years. We were assigned a mass quantity of 500's, we had about 200 of them in our arms room. Our swat teams had Benelli M-4's. This was back in the early 2000's, I have heard that the MP's now use 590A1's but I can't confirm that.
Hello all I'll chime in here I'm a retired MP my unit was a EPW National Guard unit we deployed to OIF-1 with the 590A1 and low and behold we had 12 Winchester 1200 Trench guns ! Heat Shield, Wood Furniture, Bayonet Lug and they Slam Fired . I don't know where these came from but they were new packed in grease . They were a blast to shoot . We got a lot of stares and double takes from soldiers especially the old vets familiar with them. We used them along with the Mossys for guarding prisoners, on check points TCP's and also had a couple in the Hummer while doing patrols and escorts They both performed flawlessly