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Where to shoot/train in NJ?

(Moderators - Not sure if this is the proper place to start this thread. If not, please forgive me and point relocate or point me in the direction and I'll re-post.)

Hey guys!! Anyone else on here from NJ and recommend a good place to shoot?? I belong to an indoor range that do allow shotguns but only with buck and slugs. Hoping to find a place (indoor or outdoor) that will allow me to shoot cheaper birdshot. Looking for more combat/defensive or even port type of shooting, not so much skeet or trap (tho that is always fun too). Just wanna be able to put a good amount of lead down range to break in my new Mossy and also train as economically as possible and that kinda means bird shot.

Thoughts?? Suggestions?? Where do you guys shoot??
Thanks @Water Monkey but those are all classes. I'm more looking for somewhere to just go and shoot. A place to practice and train on my own with the more inexpensive bird shot. Range I belong to only allows buck and slug...and that can get expensive in itself.
Sorry not familiar with NJ ranges. You'll need an outside facility to play the way you want to be playing.
Yeah that is pretty far for me. But thanks for sharing the info. Maybe I'll get a bunch of guys for a road trip someday...

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