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Who pays ?


I have no idea of the monetary damage inflicted on Ukraine, or what the final tally might be. I am quite certain though that they will look to the west when it is time to rebuild. We will have politicians crowing about our humanitarian duty to help. Mind you we are already spending billions, taking in refugees, and providing military weapons to them.

When the time comes to spend a trillion dollars or more I think one country needs to pay the price, Russia. Russia has decimated their neighbor for reasons only they really know.

My point is, our children and grandchildren should not bear this burden. Not alone, not with NATO, nor the U.N..
I don't want to hear about any "aid package" until I hear that OUR defenses (ie: the southern wall) have been finished and unarmed invaders (illegals) have been sent south (or north ;) ) packing!
Not north...thank you in advance for your cooperation and attention to this matter.
We do. Didn't they remove the 15B in covid money and replace it with 15B to Ukraine in the spending bill?