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Wireless Target Camera Project...


I am going to build a target camera system. My goal is to be able to transmit the video signal 1 mile/1600 meters/1760 yards at the least...potentially further. Some other design considerations are single case portability, weather resistance, and ease of setup. Also going to work on easy battery charging and battery change-out for those long days. One of the other things I want to address is some of the problems associated with setting up at public/busy ranges. My goal is to come in as economically as I can with this system.

My question is this. Should I document as I build? Is there interest on this forum in a step-by-step tutorial. Understand, that I expect some pitfalls as I go, and I would be more than happy to share my "oops" moments as I go.
I would like if you could document the build and share if you didn't mind.

I've done a few scope camera's, but nothing like what you're talking about.

Heck, I couldn't shoot a mile with artillery, so I sure wouldn't need the range you're talking about, but hey, I'm still interested.
Would very much like to see the build documented. I dabbled in R/C vehicles, and FPV systems a little. I never had more than about a 100 yard range. But I know the technology is readily available. I know some of the ground guys could get a couple mile range. They had some pricey antennas, and base stations though.
Sounds like a plan then. I will document what I am doing, and post it here in this thread...unless the moderators want it someplace else?
The topic is fine. I did move it though since range reports is typically for how a firearm or ammunition or setup works. But I left everything else unchanged.

Post away Paul605. Looking forward to reading about it.
So...I am making a decision. The decision is what frequency the wireless "connection" from target position to firing position should be. Since I am borrowing heavy on the First Person Video (FPV) used in drones and radio controlled vehicles, and I want to keep the costs down, I am deciding between 5.8Ghz and 2.3/2.4Ghz.

5.8 offers lower costs and smaller size as pluses but less range as a minus when compared to 2.3/2.4. 2.3/2.4 is also less prone to multipath signals and better at penetrating minor line-of-sight obstacles. I will likely go with 2.3/2.4 if I can bring the cost penalty to an acceptable level.

Stay tuned as I research.
Decision is made. Even though the 2.3/2.4Ghz frequency would more easily span a greater distance, I am going to build using the 5.8Ghz equipment. Size and portability are high on the "needs" list for this project, and 5.8 wins big there. Using a little more wattage and good directional antennas will more than make up for the "shorter" frequency. The use of 5.8Ghz will also keep some cost down, which may be somewat nullified by the directional antennas...but for those who do not need 2 kilometer distance, and decide to use this build, they could potentially save some dollars.
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Starting to "populate" the parts list. Painstaking research being done to come up with the best "value" in components. This should truly give an easy 2 to 3 kilometer range...line of sight. As you can tell I have added some things for me in the Shooting Position list. I keep all of my reload records on a laptop, along with my "dope cards" are also on the computer. Still adhering to the smallest footprint I can for the target viewing system for those that don't want the "office" with them...but hey I have a big bench...lol.

Target Position

5.8 GHz Transmitter Aomway 5.8GHz 1000mW TX1000 (Kit)
Antenna Aomway 4 Lobe Omni-Directional (RHCP)
Camera Aomway 600TVL CMOS (Kit)
Battery Everstart Jump Starter (WalMart)
Charger Included with Jump Starter
Camera Sun Shade

Shooting Position

5.8 GHz Receiver Aomway RX04 (Kit)
Antenna Aomway 11dbi 7 Turn Helical (RHCP)
Battery Everstart Jump Starter (WalMart)
Charger Included with Jump Starter
Foldable Sun Shade for Monitor and Computer
Spotting Scope