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A little pricey, and somewhat vague on whether it fits the Shockwave.

I don't understand this "action tube" length measurement and don't see how the shockwave can have both.


I like it though!
Think the question of the day is what is a Shockwave? Like other things these days manufactures are offering multiple gun models under the same name to expand their market share while trying to confuse all of us! And even worst making the effort to find replacement parts, barrels and mag tubes almost impossible.

The original 590 Shockwaves, which most of us bought ages ago, have a 14.375 inch barrel.

Then Mossberg came out with a 590S Shockwave which has a 18.5 inch barrel.

To add to the confusion there is now a 590M Shockwave, which is magazine fed and has a 15 inch barrel.

I have not actually had hands on of the 590S or 590M so can't confirm the forend tube length. But likely the 590S uses a longer forend?????

We have the same end user confusion with the Flex, the S and the M variants of the conventional models.

I know this isn't a definitive answer but I wish Mossberg would publish a "separate and accurate" parts list for each of these models!

Just looking at the pic, it seems like they designed the forearm to fit either or both the slide tube sizes by enlarging the front of it to encompass the mounting lug on a short tube, instead of having it exposed?