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June 6th, 1944...D DAY

Discussion in 'Forum Rules, Guidelines and Announcements' started by SHOOTER13, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Never forget the sacrifices laid down by the greatest generation on the beaches of Normandy, France and beyond on June 6th, 1944...so that the world may live free of tyranny.


    " Courage does not mean you're not scared...it means you go into harms way anyway..."
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  2. nitesite

    nitesite Sheepdog Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Today's Bing opening page is an aerial view of Pointe Du Hoc.

    Two hundred young men from America's Greatest Generation, of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, vertically climbed 100-foot cliffs, crawled over the precipice, and charged machine guns so they could kill the enemy and secure the high ground..

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  3. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    God Bless All the Brave Souls Who Stormed The Beaches Of Normandy June 6th, 1944 !!
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  4. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

  5. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter

    D-Day, 74 years ago the allies began the battle that led to the winning of World War 2. So many made the ultimate sacrifice, let us not forget.

    Salute to the brave soldiers that preserved our way of life as we know it.
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  6. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Well said.
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  7. Pawpaw

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  8. Elbert Garrett

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