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Post Your EDC Blade

Discussion in 'Knives, Axes, Hatchets and Machetes' started by LAZY EYED SNIPER, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. JeffnBama

    JeffnBama .410

    Nothing fancy have couple of Buck knives bought on sale also have CRKT Pilar, I used to carry one of my dads CASE's but afraid would lose it

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  2. JRExplorer3

    JRExplorer3 .270 WIN

    Ordered a new knife to add into my carry collection. Been looking for a cost effective, decent fat bladed knife for a while. Looked for this one before but they were all out of stock and have been discontinued. Should be here in a few days.
    Kershaw One Ton folder- Internet pic to show size.
    Blade length: 3.5 inches
    Overall length: 8.125 inches

  3. JRExplorer3

    JRExplorer3 .270 WIN


    WTF??...How does a company list an item for sale when they don't even know where or when they can get it?

    I'm P.O'd ! at Optics Planet right now.
    That's where I ordered the One Ton from.

    I bought it from them because it has been discontinued and is hard to find. When I saw it was listed and was able to add it to my cart I jumped at it. Ordered. Bought. Paid. This was on 12/26.

    I checked my order status and the expected ship date was 1/9/2020. Not good but OK for a hard to find item.
    Now, It keeps going up everyday. This morning. Expected shipping date is now 1/13.
    No expected arrival date.

    I've fired off a inquiry email to see if the item is even available for shipment. If not, I need them to cancel the order. Supposed to get an answer with in 24 hrs. No response yet. Filed a order cancellation this morning.
    I'm really disappointed right now. I've only been able to find one other for sale. A used one on ebay for...$112.50...not paying that for a used Kershaw.

    I settled for a CRKT 5453 Jesper Voxnaes Batum instead. Shown with my Kershaw Ken Onion Storm II that I've carried for at least 15 years

    CRKT Batum.jpg
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  4. JRExplorer3

    JRExplorer3 .270 WIN

    Found and added the Kershaw One Ton...

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  5. Duncankurtis

    Duncankurtis Copper BB

    9777BF29-1033-4BC0-AD14-41A032B7F480.jpeg F9D8133F-806A-4415-92AC-8C64A2D03CD3.jpeg I switch between these two.
  6. Coyote56

    Coyote56 .410

    Usually something like one of these.
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