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Where do you guys buy your Ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by DaveinCT, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. hunter72

    hunter72 .270 WIN

    Gun Broker has ranger and federal, 250 rnds for about 170, thats about 3.40 per box plus shipping.
  2. LeverAction

    LeverAction Copper BB

    I'll buy ammo from Wal-Mart if they have the best price (which they do sometimes) or if I'm in a hurry and they have what I'm looking for. Most of the time I'll cross-reference prices using http://www.ammoengine.com or http://ammoseek.com/ and try to find the lowest price online.
  3. bubba in c.a.

    bubba in c.a. .270 WIN

    Gun shows and Walmart for most, Cabelas or midway for the exotic stuff. For Ruskie ammo i usually make an annual pilgramge to Prescott and buy from a J and G.
  4. cockedNlocked

    cockedNlocked Product Review Manager Staff Member Global Moderator

    Just found another nice place by me, selling Lake City Militarty 62gr 5.56 ammo. 300 rounds plus a 30mm ammo case (metal) for $125.00
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  5. Longshot725

    Longshot725 .22LR

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  6. Ghmann

    Ghmann .270 WIN

    Up until 4 years ago, I bought all my ammo at Walmart. Since then, it's been 100% online purchases from SGammo, Sportsman's Guide, Target Sports USA, Cabela's, Palmetto State Armory, and a few others. There's just not much variety at my local WM. Low inventory on what they do have, and prices are not all that great. Not to mention it's a PITA to try to run down the one employee with the keys to the ammo case.
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  7. Tom396

    Tom396 .30-06

    Amen to that! Take care. Tom Worthington
  8. JRExplorer3

    JRExplorer3 .270 WIN

    Because it's close and convenient. I usually buy my 9mm at Walmart at just under $10/50 rnd.,Federal/Perfecta. Winchester 147 gr. JHP because it's usually in stock and relatively inexpensive.
    I've NEVER seen 22LR at any of my local Walmarts. I've been getting 1-2 500 rnd boxes from a LGS whenever I get the time.
    I've ordered online a few times but with my amounts ordered, after shipping, it's not much cheaper than buying locally.
  9. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    My first Mossberg was bought at Kmart by my mom. To this day it's a beautiful safe Queen. The one time she cleaned it she figured out what a nasty job it was and she put it up in the closet and never shot it again.

    I know I've told this story here before but my point is that Kmart used to sell lots of guns and now they sell nothing.

    Ditto Walmart, and now they sell virtually no guns. Air guns, scopes, and ammo only, and my info is that they will soon stop selling ammunition completely.

    Soon they will sell nothing in that line.

    Even now, they sell virtually nothing to me. There are four big Wal-Marts within easy driving distance to me.

    I can't stand to go there anymore.
  10. mattm

    mattm .22LR

    I get my 5.56, 7.62, 9mm, and .22 from Freedom Munitions and Midway. Slugs and shells from Buds guns usually. Love mail order, usually free shipping from Freedom, just don't expect it for a few weeks. Midway and Buds ship fast.
    My UPS guy calls me sir lol...
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  11. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    I bought a 10/22 from K-Mart back in the early 90s. I'm pretty sure I bought a brick of ammo at the same time. Unfortunately, K-Mart is dead, sorry to say--Sears may not be that far behind... :(

    I think your issue with Walmart is dependent on the state you live in--sorry about that... :( Here in FL I have not noticed any issues--they even have .22LR ammo in stock again! :D Pricing is comparable with internet+shipping prices although there IS sales tax (6-7% in FL).
  12. FLmossy

    FLmossy .22LR

    I find Walmart to be competitive for my range ammo (9mm 115 grain FMJ in Federal or Winchester, or 12 gauge buckshot in the same brands), once you factor in the shipping costs for purchasing over the internet. For better stuff (Hornady, for example) I've purchased from Cheaperthandirt, Cabellas, Gander Mountain and Bulkammo.com.
  13. nitesite

    nitesite Average Guy Moderator "Philanthropist"

    SG ammo.

    I needed 1000 rounds of 9mm ammo for a shooting class. I really wanted 147-gr, which isn't often on store shelves. On top of that, because this training was at an indoor range I wanted CleanFire prirmers. You know how difficult it to find 9mm 147-gr fully jacketed ammo with CF primers?

    SG Ammo had it in stock and plenty of it at a superb price. Barely over $205 for 1000 rounds.
  14. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    I'm limited to where I can buy. But I've been giving most of my business to Targetsportsusa.com the past year or so. Very fast shipping and competitive prices for free shipping if you order your ammo by the case.
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  15. FLmossy

    FLmossy .22LR

    Update: based on the feedback from this post, I found a good deal on TargetSportsUSA.com. Federal LE 2.75" 12g 00 buckshot at $.60 per round. Federal has a "buy $50 get a $10 rebate" deal going. Thanks to everyone who posted.
  16. Tony617!

    Tony617! .270 WIN

    SGAmmo most of the time. I have also ordered from Lucky Gunner as well.
  17. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    I use the LGS fairly often good guy who keeps pretty well stocked. PX on post and sometime the Walmart ours down here has good inventory.
    Only thing weve been short on in my area is 22 mag ? Everything else is plentiful even 22lr. I order once in awhile from sportsman guide and midway.
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  18. MikeD

    MikeD I'm Your Huckleberry Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    I don't have a "go to" place. I buy from wherever I find a good deal at the time.
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  19. Elbert Garrett

    Elbert Garrett .30-06 Supporter

    SGAmmo delivers! https://www.sgammo.com/
    Just a little over 24 hours from order to delivery! Even though I am just about 90 miles away from SGAmmo, 24 hours is still impressive!

    102_9170.JPG 102_9171.JPG
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  20. Ghmann

    Ghmann .270 WIN

    I haven't bought ammo locally in 5 years. Can always find much better prices, even after shipping, online. SGammo is a good one, as is Target Sports USA. They have free shipping on bulk ammo, but their prices are a bit higher than SGammo. All in all, they end up being about the same. You can join Target Sports Prime Ammo club for $95 a year and get ammo at wholesale prices and free shipping on any order. A good deal if you buy a lot of ammo.
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