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3D requires good range estimation, something I lack, unless you shoot a really fast bow. I was getting better at it but then found target archery where I could shoot more. I still enjoy going out to shoot foam once in a while. I hope you have fun!
It's your first shoot just have fun with it.

I'll second what OA said about range finders. But you an easily cheat by using your pins if you know the height of a deer and you know what they height looks like between two points on your sight you can guestiamte.

Personally I shoot the targets where I would if I was hunting, which does not necessarily garner the highest score. But I rarely shoot to compete I just shoot for practice.

Uphill/downhill shots are actually less than they would read from a rangefinder (unless you have one with angle compensation). how much depends on the angle and distance. You just kind of learn this from shooting.

I never used a range finder. I just used multiples of a distance I could easily reconcile in my head which for me was 20 yards. I would use tree's landmarks, etc to hone it in. After a while I got pretty good out to about 60 yards. Large open fields are the killer as there is little to nothing for reference and they usually mess with your head by using a larger or smaller than average target.
Had a real good time.
Used my range finder so I didn't turn in my score.
Lost 3 arrows. The price I pay to the learning curve I suppose.
At least I am not shooting $35 arrows like my new friend was, he lost 1.

I cannot wait to do it again, hopefully next week.
Gotta buy more arrows early this week so I have time to cut and glue.
LTB, I still lose arrows on occasion and I've been doing this for like 35 years. LOL

Glad you had fun. Be warned, it's an addiction.

I really cheap metal detector works great for finding lost arrows. Even with carbon, the tips are still steel.

My buddies used to laugh at me for using hot pink fetching but found a lot more arrows than they did with their camo colors. Downside is hot pink makes a nice spot to shoot at when I went first and got a good hit LOL
For sure I need some arrows that stand out a bit more in the woods. Hot pink would stick out like a sore thumb!
The cheaper ones at Dick's or Academy will work fine until you decide to stick with it. At $3-$5 a piece it beats losing or breaking $10-$20 arrows.

Trust me, I know the feeling of breaking a brand new, $43 Easton X10 Protour target arrow (yup, $525 for a complete set of 12 including tips, nocks and pins)...did it yesterday after my arrow went halfway thru a target bale into the wood behind it. Snapped of 6" trying to get it out...:(