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4 Years of lies by the left.


Four years ago half the nation was celebrating the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Remember all of the democrats that refused to attend and the ones that were talking about impeaching him. The Obama/Biden administration had officially handed the attempt to overthrow the incoming administration over to the FBI to continue. The FBI director, James Comey was leading the effort, along with ex intelligence officials Clapper and Brennan.

Every day of the new administration they had to deal with leaks to the media. Of course the media made it sound like every leak was the beginning of the end, not just for Trump, but for the "democracy" as well.

Then we get two and a half years of the Mueller investigation into Russia interference that was based on lies and propaganda paid for by the democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Every day the likes of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler lying to the public, with the help of CNN and the main stream media, claiming to have all of this conclusive evidence based on testimony from witnesses before their house committees. Then, it turns out that actually all of the witnesses claimed there was no proof of collusion. Finally after two and a half years the Mueller report concludes no evidence of collusion. Now remember, all of these people actually knew the basis, Steele Dossier as it was known, was based on lies paid for by Clinton and the DNC. We now know this scheme was contrived to take attention away from the Clinton email scandal and direct attention to Trump via a made up pack of lies.

Next we have a phone call from Trump to the new president of Ukraine in which Trump asks him for a favor , to check on an investigation into the Bidens, primarily focused on Hunter Biden. That led to impeachment by the democrat controlled house . The senate did not convictas they were controlled by Republicans.

Then covid19 hit. The economy tanked. Biden made a miraculous comeback in the primaries to become the Dems nominee.

Biden wins the election, then the DOJ tells the American public that in fact Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2018, a year before the phone call that led to the impeachment. How convenient for Biden. There also has turned up evidence that the news media, again MSM and CNN intentionally suppressed the Hunter Biden/Biden story so it would not negatively effect the Biden campaign.

So now we have today. Biden sworn in as president with Obama sitting there, and Hillary sitting there. If I were Trump I would have left too. Now the media gushes over the new crooks in the White House and gives them their blessings.

I have left out a lot, but this generally outlines what Obama/Biden and the likes of them put this country through for four years.
MSM is evil.

They whored themselves out long ago.

Sorry for the blunt honesty. Just calling it as I see it.

The MSM gave up all illusion of objectivity during the Clinton years.

Thet gave uo the illusion if being journalists under the Obama years.

Under Biden they are just weapons of their progressive woke master.
And now they have the audacity to call for the cancellation of conservative media. Stay tuned, things are going to be interesting.
I'm going to throw out a theoretical analogy as not to sound militant--and it is assuming a REAL man is being maligned... ;)

If someone kept bad-mouthing the man, what would keep that man from punching the lights out of that someone?

Or what if that someone went so far as to get the man fired erroneously? What would keep him from exacting revenge on the someone?

I don't live in the cities nor would I want to, but what is there to keep the man from punching slimedia's lights out? :D

I'm talking about honor and integrity here, I don't give a fark about pussyish laws created by pacifists...
Well I called this election 100% wrong, and now I will risk further embarrassment. :rolleye:

Joe Biden is a lawyer. (Fortunately he is a shitty actor.) He should be disbarred immediately for not reporting on the Hunter crimes.
I am surprised that nobody has seized on the fact that, as a sworn officer of the court of Delaware, it is his duty to report crimes, the same as any cop.

There is clear evidence that he knew everything/enough.
Also Biden's psychoses will daily become more evident. His ability to "fake it" should diminish quickly.
He is probably committing an impeachable offense every day.But, under the current power arrangement he is safe, unless the new VP gets anxious to move up.
Here we are, 6 months into the misadministration. The southern border is being overrun, and has become a major source of covid entering the country. Of course the media does't even mention that. They do however keep a very close count on cases in Florida for example.

The media covers an investigation and subsequent indictment of an officer of the Trump organization, while ignoring the various Hunter Biden scandals. Now he

Still no report from John Durham, probably never will be as the media seems to have buried it at sea.
My US congressmen are "good guys" but I still send them an occasional email asking them not to be pussies and pander to the left. I inform them that I want NO compromise and NO Dumpocrap legislation passed--nothing, nein, nada. No one on the left will be voting for them so stop trying to please them. I AM the one they need to please... :) I also mention that all RINOs will be going down in flames midterm elections... ;)
I'm taking wagers that Bidet will be gone by the end of the year... Anyone? ;)

Yeah... something like an inadequately or unexplained extended hospitalization. Info will not be disclosed because of "privacy" concerns.
He has survived longer than I expected. I figured he'd drop early.
Actually, I expected one of the radicals to burn him long ago.
They must believe that without Joe it was hopeless.