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590A1 Single-Point Sling Mount


Copper BB
Hi all. New member here from Colorado.

I recently purchased a 590A1 (Model 51670). It's a 20" with a pistol grip and M4 style six-position stock. I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything, so sorry if this has been covered before.

I'm interested in a single-point sling mount but have been overwhelmed by all of the options out there and can't seem to find anything that will definitely work with my setup, so thought I'd see if there are any recommendations here. I realize single-point slings aren't the most comfortable, but it's what I want to stick with. The only mod I've made to the shotty so far is adding a Mesa Tactical 6-shot buttstock shell carrier. Is anyone here using a single-point with a similar setup?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Josh welcome to the forum from NY and congrats on your new Mossy. You get a chance post a pic or two.

I don't use a single-point sling but I'm sure one of the members that does will chime in.
I hunt my 500 with a single point sling. Actually Bird hunting using the SPS puts the gun right where you need it , when you need it there. This is the mount I use. Its a GG&G AMBIDEXTROUS SLING MOUNT


This is what it looks like not mounted or camoed

This is the sling I had made to match the camo
Thanks for the feedback, guys! Do you have a pistol grip on your 500, LTB45? The only pictures I have are crappy phone pics, but here you go!


From the rear of the trigger guard forward toward the muzzle that is one damn fine fighting shotgun (and NO... I did not type SHOTTY)

What I see behind the trigger guard leaves me somewhat second-guessing. Sorry. That's the troof.

I LIKE everything from the trigger guard forward.
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No pistol grip on any of my shotguns. I am a clay target shooter and a hunter, not a gun fighter so no need for a pistol grip.