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935 bolt over-engaging?


Copper BB
Anyone ever heard of this? Was told by a GS that this was my problem. I shoot 3.5 Winchester Xtended Range Turkey Loads; when the bolt release button is depressed and the shell is chambered, I can't manually eject the unfired shell by pulling back on the bolt lever. It will move slightly rearward maybe a fraction of an inch, but then no farther. I have to disassemble the gun and tap rearward on the lip of the shell to remove it. I have changed barrels to eliminate it being a barrel problem...same result. If I "ride" the bolt forward while pressing the release button, I can manually eject the shell. Gun is 3 yrs old and I am the original owner. I keep it very clean...Dad always said that if you take care of something, it will take care of you! Maybe two separate problems, but it will also not eject the empty shell after firing. I've shot Win Xtended Range, Win Supreme, and Federal Turkey Loads, all 3.5s with the same result...no ejection. Thanks ahead of time for the advice and help.


Copper BB
I have had similar issues with winchester expert steel shot,after taking the shell out I noticed scratches on the brass, after doing some measuring with a micrometer on first the winchester then a federal black cloud I found that the winchester shells were any where from 3 to 7 thousands of a inch larger than that of the black cloud.
After some experimenting with the winchester shells found that the shells at the top end of the scale jammed a 100 percent of the time.
I have started shooting either black cloud or remington hyper sonic shells.
Now that's not to say that the issue has gone completely away but has gotten unbelievably better
Yea it seems like whichever shotshells you were using had too large of a head diameter and were creating too much friction in the chamber of the barrel to cycle cleanly. It may also be possible that the 935's chamber is a few thousandths too small.