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935 slugs in the turkey barrel?


Copper BB
i know that it is not recommended to shoot slugs in anything except a slug barrel since it's over bored, but if you reloaded the Lee slugs in a win AA WAD, wouldn't the wad obturate to seal the bore just like a shot load? Anyone try this?


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The idea bas been discussed in another thread but im not sure if in regards to the 835. I think the wad would help but I do not think it will seal as well as it does with shot. The shot will flow back and out causing the wad to press againt the barrel more than a slug will.

I bought 500A magazine tube for mine so I could use all if the std 500A barrels with the 835 receiver. This works fine but you are limited to 2.75" and 3" shells depending on the barrel.


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Don't do it. No 12 ga slugs in the 935 barrel. If you want to use slugs, get the barrel for slugs.