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Anyone here call themselves a chainsaw or axe geek?

Umm yeah exactly Bob...that's what I was thinking. I just didn't say it.
Thought I'd include a little family picture too...I was out cutting wood today at the cabin. Taking advantage of no snow on the ground yet. My splitting axe is a Fiskars and it is a beast. Highly recommend if you're splitting big blocks it's a real nice piece. My wife bought it for me for Christmas 2 years ago and I'm just putting it to use now...didn't need to split any big blocks for awhile so it sat.

My favourite is the Estwing hatchet. It's super handy, well balanced, light but not too light and it keeps a nice edge.

Forgive my messy work area, I was a little pushed for time today. I promise I'll tidy it up.

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I went to the local ACE hardware with every intention of picking up a medium duty Stihl chainsaw. They carry Stihl, but they only stock the new battery powered ones...along with some other battery brand of saw. NO thanks. I'll have to order a gas powered model if I want one. Time to shop elsewhere.

I've had my dad's Plumb brand axe since he passed in 1973 - no idea how old it is. Last year I got the bug and started cleaning it up. The old handle seemed worthy, so I refinished it and carved down some to re-mount the head [which needed considerable wire brushing] I didn't get it perfect, but it's still a a work in progress, but dad's axe will likely serve my son and his son well in the years to come.

The geek part is the fancy custom made, Nordic-style axes and tomahawks. I'd love one of those just to hang on the garage wall.
Looking at that photo reminds me of how much that I wanna build one of these smokeless rocket stoves.

I don’t need one but it would give me an excuse to play with fire, beyond the fleeting joys of welding sheet-metal.

So this is our excuse to start a stove thread of some kind …