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AR15 Rifles and Pistols I have built.

In my effort to use up a bunch of spare parts I have lying around, I built up an F5 Manufacturing Can Launcher with the golf ball attachment. I know alot of people turn down their noses at something like this, but I think it will be alot of fun.

Thumper 5.56mm F5 can launcher RS.jpg

This is an updated photo as I picked up a Spike's Pineapple Grenade lower receiver @ the LGS. It was the only receiver they had then and they still have not gotten anymore in since then. I put it on here because it goes with the theme of the launcher. I also put a Sightmark Core-Shot A Spec red dot on it. I have 2 of these now and they seem like solid little sights. This one is sighted in at 15 yards with a golfball. It puts them in the chest of the target every time. I built it as a fun gun but thought it would make a decent non-lethal option too.
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Thanks for that.
I bought a Bear Creek Arsenal 7.5" .300BLK barrel, on sale for $55.86 to my door. I already have an SBA3 brace and a 7" keymod forend, plus a bunch of small parts, so it looks like I am gonna build a .300 pistol. I plan to deer hunt with it and will probably not shoot over 100 yards with it, due to the terrain where I hunt.
JohnA, you got any suggestions for a deer load?
Mostly done, just waiting on the PSA BCG that should be here Tuesday.

I will probably upgrade the red dot at some point, but these little Sightmark Mini-Shot Pro-Specs are solid little sights. I will run this one till I can get something more suitable for hunting.


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I shot the new .300 pistol over the weekend. I put 40 rounds through it with no malfs at all. Brass ejects @ 2:00 with Supers, so I figure Subs oughta eject even better. I probably will not shoot subs much as I do not have a suppressor. The target was 23 rounds @ 70 yards from a bench with S&B 124 gr. Supers. Can't wait to see what it will do with better quality ammo.
.300 BLK @ 70 yards.jpg
That's awesome. I got an email yesterday from a guy who wanted to try some of my handload data in his gun. Granted that he had a 16 inch barrel and had to cut back on the powder charge about a grain to keep them subsonic from what I was getting in my 8.5" barrel, but he was shooting at 150 and 190 yards and said he was able to get about 2 MOA from it. In the video, he had some steel gongs set up and he was smacking them pretty good.
The S&B ammo I used was not crimped properly. When I chambered a round to check it, the ejected round came out crooked. I checked the bullet and it was loose. None of the rounds are crimped. I will not buy anymore of that ammo, which sucks cause it's fairly cheap.
I finished this one up last weekend.
10.5" .300 BLK with a carbine length gas system. At first it was under gassed & not locking back, so I opened up the barrels gas port and now it works great. I built it specifically to deer hunt with.
10.5 inch .300 AAC BLK pistol build RS.jpg
I am shooting the 150 gr. Winchester Deer Season XP through it. It shoots those into around an inch @ 50 yards. I need to shoot it at 100 and see how it does. .300 BLK ammo has dried up around here, so my options are pretty limited. Hopefully the bullet will perform well.
Yeah, I forgot about those. I've read some fair reviews of it. If you can put it in the boiler room, it'll be lights out.

Just don't hit it in the left pinky toe and expect the same results ;)

All jokes aside though, you put it where it needs to be, it'll do its' job.
Just finished this one up. I finally used up the last of my higher dollar part I had squirreled away and I scrounged up what I could to finish it. Parts are hard to come by now and I wanted to get this one done before it got any worse. Needless to say, my credit card company LOVES me now.
18" Recce rifle build with a Ballistic Advantage rifle gas barrel, Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6.
18 in. Recce rifle build RS.jpg
I converted my Windham Weaponry MPC back to it's original M4 configuration and used the parts I took off of it to build this up. Probably the last AR I will build until we see the election results in November.
I know exactly what you mean. I was looking for some projectiles the other day and the well is dry everywhere I looked.

Glad that I have some in reserves. Between covid and elections and domestic terrorism, it's no wonder stuff is scarce. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know what's happening but just can't look away.
On the rare occasion that the stars and planets align, I was able to find most all of the things that I need to build up an AR45. I've wanted one for a couple of years. I have always kicked myself for selling my old Tommy gun so this should take some of that edge off.

Earlier this evening, I was trying to justify the need for building it, then I remembered. Pfft. I'm a blue blooded American. I don't have to justify anything. Especially since I've actually been selling a few things lately and had a few extra dollars set aside for projects.

So, I ordered up a bunch of parts.

In time, I may very likely rebuild the upper into an integrally suppressed upper based on the Delisle project that I just finished. Only this would be the more modern semiauto counterpart. This is going to be an interesting ride for sure.
I shot the new rifle over the weekend, no malfunctions of any kind, but accuracy was not what I expected. 2 - 3 MOA at best @ 100 yards. The YHM extended gas block I had on there was hitting the rail, so I swapped it out for a Black Rain gas block I picked up at the LGS. I also swapped the Anderson trigger for a Geissele G2S I had on a carbine. I think this will fix most of the accuracy issues, but we will see. I hate burning up ammo right now, but am glad I have a nice supply stored up.
Sometimes, it's not plug and play and it's good that you're stocked up enough to troubleshoot and fix it now. The ammo "situation" may become far worse than it is now if things continue down this path.