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ATN X sight 5-18 Night Vision scope

John A.

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This is going to be a somewhat lengthy post and review. I plan to do a lot of testing and shooting with this in the upcoming months. Right now I have been on the waiting list for a while and was able to buy in at reduced preorder pricing and I got notification yesterday to get my payment in because the latest version after shotshow are starting to trickle in and they expected that mine should ship either late this week or next at the latest depending on how things go.

I'm not sure how many people have heard about the ATN X sight scope or what it is, but they are a relatively new digital Day/Night scope, which is the main thing I wanted it for, and while it has a host of other features, the main "extra" that I am interested in is the video/photo recording because I think it would be neat to be able to record a hunt or range session, and one thought that has crossed my mind, God forbid if someone were to have broken into my house and forced me to defend myself, could be seen in the same category as a dashcam if you're in a wreck that could prove without any doubt of the situation. While ATN isn't marketing it as a CYA tool, I could still see how that may could help in that situation.

Anyway, I had been interested in a Pulsar N750 and N550 digital night vision since they have been out for a few years, but the $1500 price tag kept them out of my reach, but it looks like ATN has came out with a model somewhat similar at a much lower price point.

I'm not going to lie about it, it has a lot of built-in features that I'm sure would be desirable to many, though I don't see myself using many of them, but they're available nonetheless, so that's good.

I don't often use the rear window wiper on our car either, but it's still there when I do need it or want to use it.

But here is a list of some of the features. It is primarily a Day/Night scope which means exactly that. It's like a night vision scope that you can use any time day or night and is my main reason for wanting it.

Color image in the daylight, or user selectable green/black regular night vision color, or black and white night vision, and to me, I like the black/white better.

It has video recording and photo snapshots in high def 1080p, one shot zero, GPS, compass, elevation, geo waypoints, elevation, speed, scope gyro, wifi for connecting external devices and for sharing images or the specific sight picture you are looking at right now if working in a team, and a few other things.

It will accept up to a 32gb micro sd memory card for storing data, has micro USB and hdmi ports as well.

It comes with a detachable 850 nm IR light that uses CR123 batteries like most standard weapon lights use, and the scope itself runs off of Four AA batteries.

I have heard reviews stating that if you're running a lot of different software programs at the same time, battery life is pretty low at a few hours max, but others say that if you're using just the scope/crosshairs that battery life is extended upwards towards 7 or 8 hours using lithium batteries.

I'm going to try to use Duracell Duralock 2400 mAh rechargeable batteries instead of the expensive disposables to see how they work. I have a ton of the lower power rechargeable Rayovacs, but to my knowledge the 2400 mAh is the most powerful rechargeable out there and according to Energizers published data, their lithium Ion batteries are barely more at 3000 mAh so these rechargables should provide me with nearly as much power*.

Here is a link to the ATN website for anyone wanting to see pics and video and specs.


As mentioned, I am still waiting to get mine, but here are a few videos I have found on youtube from some folks who got some of the beta units if you're interested in seeing it. *One quick note, in early versions the crosshair is not visible in the video, but the newest firmware update does show the crosshair.

atn obsidian.png
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Yes, it's supposed to be the latest version.

I think there were many folks who were complaining about the 3-12 not having a manual/user focus and they were going to incorporate that into the newer 3-12's which was why I got the 5-18 because it already had it.

I have a few links for some places that are selling these below MSRP if you want me to PM them to you.

I ordered mine through tech eyes because they had the lowest preorder price on them, but there is another company in NY that is still showing about $50-70 off msrp if you are interested.

They had the new 3-12 preorder price for $533'ish, but as I mentioned, it's a preorder and I don't know when that model will be released.
Yes, I'd be interested in taking a look. If I were to get one, it would be the 5x18.

Do you have any info on what new or upgraded features the latest version is supposed to have?

To my knowledge, all of the 5-18's models are all upgradable to the new version by downloading the latest from atn's obsidian thing.

And I think the biggest thing the latest update allows is showing the crosshair in the video itself. The older version let the shooter see the crosshair, but for some reason didn't record it into the video.

I think they're also concentrating on making sure the crosshair stays in the same position regardless of magnification zoom too. In early versions, it would change depending on which magnification setting due to keeping the zero correct or something like that.

It's described in this video here:

The 3-12 models had a fixed "auto" focus and many of the folks who got early units said it was junk, so they are physically redesigning the 3-12 entirely.

Here is a quick video about that.
I'm gettin' behind John when the shootin' starts...anything in front will deader than dead with his set-ups !! :eek:
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John, I haven't been able to figure out how you adjust your elevation for different distances. Do you know how it's done?
I do not.

I do know the latest software update has added a bdc (bullet drop) reticle, but I have no idea what caliber or anything is for.

This is what ATN Specs says here in the product overview:


"The scope truly shines when its digital BDC is put to field use. Distance to target and bullet weight are user-fed into the scope on-board, while the sensors measure velocity and altitude. The X-Sight will then do all the calculations automatically and the reticle will be positioned on the exact projected Point Of Impact ("dead-on") without holdover or subtension."

Digital auto BDC
Positions the reticle "dead-on" with any changes in the field; distance to target, bullet weight, velocity and atmospheric conditions.

Automatic altitude and bullet velocity measurements
Digital BDC feature needs only bullet weight and distance to target to calculate exact bullet drop compensation - all other coordinates are measured automatically.
So the scope has a built-in rangefinder function and it can measure bullet velocity. You would think that would be prominently listed on their website. Still, it would seem to also need to know the BC of the bullet, unless it can measure the drop in velocity over a considerable distance. If that is all true, it is simply amazing.

Edit: Scratch that rangefinder info. I missed that you have to tell it the distance.
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I'm not very sure how precise the computers calculations can be, but from what I have read, the processor/computer is pretty massive for what it is, so I really have no clue of what all they have it programmed with.

But for all intents and purposes, night shooting is likely going to take place all within 150 yards or less. In my case, much less, so bullet drop is not going to be all that great from zero anyway, if any.

And even during daytime shooting is still about the same distance, so, a point of impact/zero shift would be minimal at best.
Looks good John. I love the daylight option, that in of itself makes it worth it.
I think so too and that is my #1 reason for wanting it.

Right now, the NV has been dedicated on my lightweight AR and I built it just for hunting, but sadly it has been in the safe more than it's been in the field due to the restraints of only being able to use it after dark.

It's really awesome for that though. It's amazing to be able to be hunt at night. It opens up a whole new world listening to the predator call and things. It's certainly an adrenaline rush.
John, have you heard anything? With the weather, I' sure you don't have it yet. I was wondering if they've shipped it.
No sir. It hasn't shipped yet.

I did contact them and they said their delivery had been delayed, but said they gave them a firm "early march" estimate.
After varying delivery dates continually pushed back, I cancelled the order with tech eyes. It's already been pushed back three times, so I started looking around at other companies.

But the good news is, I found some in stock at newegg Saturday for nearly the same price and got en email this morning that they printed a shipping label and ETA was 3/5.

"Here it comes.
Heads up: Your order has shipped. So, keep an eye out, as it’s arriving soon
Bummer. Glad you found a replacement supplier. Really looking forward to seeing your testing/review of this scope.
Me too. I want this scope to be awesome, but everything (including the manual) seems to focus on using the camera functions and doesn't tell much about the rifle scope functions.
I'll try to check out the other functions Pawpaw.

But priority 1 to me is day/night scope
Priority 2 is video

Everything else, is fluff.

If it does well in those 2 area's, that is mainly what I am concerned with.

Oh, and battery life is something else I will be studying. I will be using 2400-2600 maH rechargeable AA's.